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Character Map Generator for Windows

With this small application you will be able to generate character map textures.

Accelerometer connected to the PC via USB
STM32F3 Discovery

STM32F3 Discovery programmed to read a LSM303DLHC accelerometer and send the measurement to the PC via USB Application then receives this data through a libusb driver and controls a 3D object.

Vývoj USB ovládača

Seriál o vývoji USB ovládača pre vlastné zariadenie na vývojovej doske Atmel SAM3X-EK. V niekoľkých krokoch je popísaný postup naprogramovania mikroprocesoru Atmel SAM3X a ovládača pomocou libusb tak, aby bola koncová aplikácia schopná s týmto zariadením komunikovať.

Tento seriál si môžete prečítať tu: Vývoj USB ovládača

IWI Viewer for Linux
Code included

IWI Viewer for Linux lets you open IWI files version 8. Only the DXT compression is supported.
This program is written in Java and the source code is included.

DXT Decompression
Code included

DXT Decompression is an alternative implementation of DXT image decompression. It is written in assembly and compiled against x86/x64 with SSE optimizations. DXT Decompression library aims for performance, for example, when compared to libsquish, my implementation is about 70% faster.

You can find more about this know-how in the repository: KnowHow::DXTDecompression

GSM Gateway
Code included

GSM Gateway is a layered service that provides functionality for remote clients to send SMS messages. It also allows reception of SMS messages and phone calls. Built using Netduino Plus, SIM900 GPRS Shield, .Net Micro Framework, C++, Boost, MySQL, PHP and JavaScript.

You can find more about this know-how in the repository: KnowHow::GSMGateway

Available for Android & Windows Phone

Balistika is a simple application designed to easily calculate bullet drop from basic information like distance, bullet weight and energy and comes with a database with more than 3000 bullet types.

You can install this application here: Projects::Balistika

Data Access Layer
Code included

Data Access Layer is part of the three tier architecture of Presentation, Business and Data Acces tiers which serves as a storage engine and moves business objects between database and the business tier.

You can find more about this know-how in the repository: KnowHow::DataAccessLayer

Kozola is a basic Lua editor with syntax highlighting and debugging functionality. You can run your Lua script, set a breakpoint, step over, in or out of a statement, stop or restart the debugging, break in any time or you can just run the script without attaching the debugger. The output is redirected to the Kozola instead of a console window.

You can find more about this application including the source code in the repository: Projects::Kozola

IWI Extractor

IWI Extractor opens IWI and IWD files which are common files for images and archives in Call of Duty games. IWI Extrator currently supports IWI version 5, 6 and 8. You can open any IWI image, export it to the DDS, PNG, BMP or JPEG formats or convert it to other IWI versions. IWI Extractor automatically detects installed Call of Duty games and allows you to open all of the IWD files at once, giving you the option to search through the images directly inside the application and then export these images to a folder or a ZIP file.

You can find more about this application including the source code in the repository: Projects::IWI Extractor

FlightGear Simulator & FlightGear Interface

I have made 2 projects for FlightGear: the FlightGear Simulator and FlightGear Interface. Both focus on intercommunication between FlightGear and a user-written application, such as FG Simulator.

While FlightGear Interface provides a basic .Net (C#) interface to receive flight specific data from the FlightGear, FG Simulator adds functionality to process incoming packets using either a Lua script or a custom Dll plugin and send control packets back to the FlightGear. All of the output/input variables are visible to the user via the instruments pane which simulates basic aircraft controls. Also, the simulation can be recorded and played back later without the need to start FlightGear. Application has Slovak user interface.

You can find more about this application including the source code in the repository: Projects::FlightGear

C++ PrinterStream
Requires knowledge of C++

C++ printerstream is a simple standard output stream for C++ which redirects output to the printer. You can either let the user to choose the printer, specify a printer name or use a handle to a drawing context. PrinterStream prints the content when it is being disposed or an explicit call to the end method is made.

You can find more about this application including the source code in the repository: Projects::PrinterStream


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