Kozola, Lua editor




Kozola is a basic Lua editor with syntax highlighting and debugging functionality. You can run your Lua script, set a breakpoint, step over, in or out of a statement, stop or restart the debugging, break in any time or you can just run the script without attaching the debugger. The output is redirected to the Kozola instead of a console window.

Kozola also provides a basic project explorer which you can use to group several scripts in a folder and the state of the last session is restored once you reopen a project.

To get the debugger working properly I had to modify and rebuild the LuaInteface project, so that for example the error messages refer to the full path of an invalid script, so that Kozola can find an error inside an open document and display it to the user. I also modified standard print routine so that the output is redirected to the Kozola output window instead of a console.
Source code of the LuaInterface is however from 2009 (R17), so some features may not work properly or may be unavailable.

To give Kozola a Visual Studio like appearance, I made two modules: TabStrip and VisualStudioTreeView. The TabStrip library contains a TabStrip control and a MDI TabStrip controller which you can freely use to place your MDI forms on a strip panel just like Visual Studio does. The second library provides a TreeView with overridden custom drawing routines to give the TreeView a look of Solution explorer from VS2012.